Reference code and tutorials

This is a quick reference guide to fit and interpret animal models.

Animal models can be fitted by a variety of software. Currently we present only workflows using the statistical software R using a few specialised packages widely used by the community of wild animal quantitative geneticists: MCMCglmm, ASReml-R, brms, Stan.

If you are completely new to quantitative genetics or animal models we strongly recommend you start by reading some background information about the goals and basic principles of the framework before going through this documentation. See for instance the freely available ecologists guide to the animal model, published in the Journal of Animal Ecology and available here. Then start with Simple univariate animal model and walk your way through the different topics in order.

If you are not completely new, look for topics of interests in the menu on the left-hand side.

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Getting Started

Installing R, packages, loading test data

Simple univariate animal model

Fitting a simple univariate model in R.

Self-contained tutorials

Collection of self-contained tutorials developped for classes and workshops.

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