Calculating heritability

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Calculating heritability

Using MCMCglmm





Using ASReml

In ASReml standalone: In ASReml a second command file (with extension .pin) is used to caculate functions of estimated variance components ad their associated standard errors. So for a model in the .as file such as


the primary output file (.asr) will contain two variance components. The first will be the ANIMAL (i.e. additive genetic component), the second will be the residual variance. A .pin file to calculate heritability from these components migt be

F VP 1+2  #adds components 1 and 2 to make a 3rd variance denoted VP
H h2 1 3  #divides 1 (VA) by 3 (VP) to calculate h2

NOTE - if you change the random effects stucture of your model in .as you need to modify the .pin file accordingly or you will get the wrong answer!

From R:


#1: SIZE is the response variable and the only fixed effect is the mean(denoted as1) #2: fit random effect of ANIMAL Va with an arbitrary starting value of 1 #3: use data file phenotypic data #4: connect the individual in the data file to the pedigree #5: omit any rows where the response or predictor variables are missing

to see the estimates of the fixed effects:


and the estimates of the random effects: