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The old WAMWIKI webiste

The first Wamwiki was created by some of the early WAMBAMERs:

This website and Wamwiki on Github

During the 2017 WAMBAM (summarized here), it was agreed that the old website needed an update (some of the code was not quite correct!), but realized that no one had access to the website editor anymore. A few of the newer WAMBAMERs volunteered to move the website to Github. As of yet, contributors to the new Wamwiki on Github include:

We all thank the whole WAMBAM community for their enthusiasm and fascinating work since 2004 (when the newer authors were still in highschool).

Participants of WAMBAM 2017. Left to right are Timothée Bonnett, Denis Réale, Tom Houslay, Dave Coltman, Henrik Jensen, Paula Marjamäki, Drew Sauve, Martin Leclerc, Gabriel Pigeon, Stephen White, Andrew McAdam, Vincent Careau, Charlotte Regan, Gabrielle Dubuc‐Messier, Erwan Quéméré, Darren Hunter, Pascal Marrot, Alexandra Sparks, Walid Mawass, Pirmin Nietlisbach, Nancy Chen, Boris Delahaie, Antoine Favier, Erica Ponzi, Ian Dewan, Dylan Saatoglu, Ryan Earley, David Fisher, Suzanne Bonamour, Alina Niskanen, Alastair Wilson, Maria João Janeiro, Isabel Winney, Laura Gervais, Michael Morrissey, Anne Charmantier, Eryn McFarlane, Céline Teplitsky, Caroline Thomson and Emmanuel Milot. Not in photograph: Jacob Moorad and Yannick Noël. Photograph: Anne Charmantier