The ecologists guide to the animal model


This page contains information from the 'Ecologists' Guide to the Animal Model' published by the Journal of Animal Ecology. If you are new to animal models, we recommend that you read the paper and work through some of the tutorials using the sample data provided.

Download the paper here.

Table of contents


To do the tutorials, you first have to decide which software package you are going to use. A pdf of information on the different packages can be accessed here.


To do the tutorials in ASReml you will need


To do the tutorials in ASReml-R you will need


To do the tutorials in MCMCglmm you will need
  • R with the MCMCglmm package installed
  • The updated pdf of the MCMCglmm tutorial
    * This is slightly modified from the version originally presented with the JAE paper.
    * The original suggested prior specifications that could be problematic in some instances
    * and this version should be used instead.
  • Data files
    * gryphonped.txt - the pedigree file
    * gryphon.txt - the data file for univariate and bivariate tutorials
    * gryphonRM.txt - the data file for repeated measures tutorial


To do the tutorials in WOMBAT you will need
Wilson 2010 JAE - EcologistsGuide.pdf


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